Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why No Coverage of Scarf Fracas?

"Reconte moi le Cheval" a scarf by Hermès that salutes the equestrian toys of childhood.

I'll tell you the most astonishing thing about the end of the relationship between Hermès and Nieman Marcus--a business partnership that goes back at least thirty years.

I seem to be the only reporter who has covered the story.  I've Googled around to see if the retail trades have anything more on what has to be a multi-million dollar bust-up. The only story I've seen so far is the one on my own blog.

"Grand Cortège A Moscou" is a Hermès scarf designed by Michel Duchene released in 1992/93.

Which leads me to another issue of importance: now that these beautiful objets d'art will be much harder to find in a retail setting, be very careful where you buy them.

When I traveled a great deal, I used to buy Hermès scarves, on occasion, from the duty-free cart the went down the aisle during those long, boring, international flights. The scarves were genuine; but, they always turned out to be the strangest-looking ones in my collection--perhaps because of the cocktail cart that also traveled the aisle in close proximity.

This scarf, called "Automobile," by Hermès designer Joachim Metz, is a testimony against drinking and buying duty-free.

Now, Hermès scarves are available on all the international auction web sites, and alas, I have read that many of these are counterfeit. So buyer beware.

"Tanzanie" by Hermès is a beauty.

Thus, the only sure place to acquire one of these beauties, now, is to put on your beret, suck up your courage, and head for the nearest Hermès Boutique. Don't let those multilingual, chi chi clerks intimidate you.

"Paris Modiste" is a re-release of an old design. The scarf is covered with hats.

If you can't face the French nose to nose, as it were, there is always the Hermès web site.  I don't think the selection is nearly as good there as it once was at NM, and the web can't substitute for the sensual experience of selecting the scarves in person. But, you will get the genuine article.

With more than a thousand designs on record, these scarves remain some of the world's best collectors' items. Keep your eyes out for them at the estate sales of foolish old women.

That's probably where you will, one day, find mine!

My favorite Hermes ad. If you were stuck at the North Pole, an igloo of Hermes scarves would be just the ticket for you and your huskie. Well, it would be for me and my huskie, anyway.

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