Sunday, March 4, 2012

Old Spinster Lady Talks to Birds and Wears Funny Socks

Really this should be a lesson to anyone who lives alone. When you start making friends with the birds in your garden, you are probably not being anything like Snow White or the Rene Zellweger version of Beatrix Potter--but are instead beginning to act like an eccentric old bag lady.  Excuse me while I go get my hair net.

Anyway, at least my "relationship" with this bird has caused me to delve into the peculiarties of iMovie, and begin learning how to use the editing function. I guess when you are a bag lady, you must take your thrills where you can find them ...

That's all for now. Except for one slight hint that I haven't completely lost my ability to spot a trend.  When I was in Ireland I fell in love with the great looking crazy socks.  Now there is a piece in today's paper about how cool it is to love crazy socks.

Cool socks in the window of a Dublin, Ireland store.

Still some life in the old dear yet.

Crazy Socks Are Really Happening

Now, if I could just get some cool looking socks on that bird ...

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D said...

I like it. How fun.

Robin Chapman said...

I talk to the animals.

Don Meuler said...

REAL "old spinster ladies" don't wear cool socks and make iMovies.
Poser. And talking to the animals is perfectly normal, until they start answering.

Robin Chapman said...

Well okay. I'm not officially a spinster. But I'm a little worried that I'm spending too much time with my tame Jay!

: Fool's Day said...

I also wear funny socks.