Sunday, May 26, 2013

Check Out Coming Attractions for "California Apricots: the Lost Orchards of Silicon Valley"

The cover, by the History Press graphics department, is drawing raves. I like it a lot.

As an author with a new book just published by the History Press, I've been successful in using Facebook as one way of keeping friends, family, and former television viewers of my programs, up to date on book signings and book events. The schedule has been growing quickly!

But, though it is difficult for some to believe--not everyone in the world has joined up with Facebook.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

From Decoration Day to Memorial Day: A Time We Honor Those Who Keep Us Safe and Free

A vintage postcard honoring Decoration Day, which was the early version of the Memorial Day we celebrate this weekend.

I'll be going to Alta Mesa Memorial Park this weekend to freshen the flags at my father's grave. William Ashley Chapman graduated with an ROTC commission from Auburn in June 1941 and was called to active duty in July 1941. After that, he was in World War II "for the duration" as they used to say. For him, the war lasted almost five full years.

Then he served honorably in the Army Reserves much of the rest of his life, retiring as a full Colonel in the 1970s, at which point he was given Retired Reserve status that allowed him to be called up again if he were needed. "It was the greatest honor of my life," he wrote his commanding officer, "to serve my country in the U.S. Army."