Sunday, March 18, 2012

Annoying Sign Disappears!

The annoying sign that blocked the view of our orchard. I've had nightmares about it for some months.

I had to run a few errands before going out to dinner for my birthday.  As I drove by the City Hall, I almost had an accident.  The sign that has been there for two years, that has annoyed me every time I've driven by it?  Yes, that sign. (see above).


I wanted to think that some knight (maybe a LAHS Knight/co-graduate?) in shining armor had taken the bloody thing down for my birthday! And then I thought--that isn't likely.  Probably the city took the blasted thing down because, if they decide to put the $65M bond for their awful Civic Center Complex on the ballot come August, they are legally prohibited from campaigning for it.

Still--even with those ugly posts there--where I had imagined placing my own sign in protest (something like "City Council Hates Apricot Trees:  Vote No On Bond!")--it was such an improvement.
Did someone, perhaps, exercising his right to free expression, remove it to a better place? Like the trash?

I raced across town to the location of the other sign.  If that was down too, I would know I had nothing to celebrate, because it would likely mean the city had taken them both down only because it had even worse things in store for us all.

Holy Cow!

The-other-side-of-town sign was still up! What should I think? What to make of this? Did one of you nice people out there take the other one down and leave this one up?  For moi!  Not that I would ever condone any damage to city property or any such behavior. But gee. That isn't really damage is it?

But if you did take it down.  For yourself or for me ...

I thank you. And say: Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!!!

Perhaps one day,  if we are very good and work very hard, they will take our apricot orchard out of jail. Completely.

Happy Birthday to All!

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