Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am Not James Herriot, But ...

You can't tell she's Ms. Gimpy when you see only her side view.

I''m still monitoring the progress of the Blue Jay I dubbed Ms. Gimpy after an accident immobilized her right leg, September 19. Actually, I never did know if it was her leg, hip, or pelvis. But, after she hopped around on her left leg for three weeks, she began to put weight on her right again.

She continues to heal and to visit. How can I spot her?

She has a definite list to port.

She is also missing a few of her tail feathers, so I can also identify her when she is flying around. She is a clear second banana to her brother, Mr. Peanut (he, of the double peanut take-offs), something new to their sibling dynamic since the onset of her disability.

Mr. Peanut, who is here hiding booty in my garden--something Jays have in common with Magpies.

She waits 'til he's eaten to appear.  And if she's eating and he pops up, she's off.

I'm outta here.

I continue to feel protective toward her, though I know she is a wild bird and not a pet. 

Still, I can root for her and hope one day to see her stand straight and true. It is the least I wish for all of us. 

 The tough Ms. Gimpy.

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