Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Gunking" and "De-Gunking" on Ascension

I've just received a booklet of my father's tales and reports about Ascension Island, from Shari Parkhill of the Ascension Island Heritage Society

They are a treat for me and, I hope, will help researchers of the future get a glimpse into the daily lives of the young men who freed the world back in World War II.

I was too shaken when my father died, in March 2010, to go through these papers myself. I found three boxes of his Ascension papers in his things and I just couldn't look at them.

So, I kept a few and sent the rest to the Ascension Island Heritage Society.

There, the papers were sorted and catalogued and now some of them have come back to me in the shape of a booklet they've produced called History of the 898th Engineer Aviation Company & Other Articles by William Ashley Chapman.

I'm excerpting a brief piece on my adjacent site. Click to have a look.

Ah, The Feel of Castile

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