Monday, November 14, 2011

Blame It On Catherine Oxenberg

Robin interviewing Catherine Oxenberg in Los Angeles, on the set of ABC's "Dynasty."

For some reason I decided to look up the actress Catherine Oxenberg on the 'net, and not just her bio: I looked up some recent photos of her as well. That was my mistake. The worst viruses I've ever been spammed by, have all come from celebrity photo sites. Something I, for the moment, forgot.

I had interviewed the blonde beauty early in her career, when she had a part during the last couple of seasons of the ABC series "Dynasty."

That's me and WJLA-TV photographer Mike Forcucci on the grounds of the Harold Lloyd estate in LA where we interviewed the cast of "Dynasty."

To make her even more exotic and enviable, Oxenberg is the daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia--not that Yugoslavia recognizes its royalty anymore and oh, BTW, Yugoslavia isn't even a country anymore. This, however, makes her a cousin of Britain's Prince Charles. Well, we all have relatives we don't brag about.

Anyway, fast forward twenty-five years or so and I wondered how she was holding up. Turns out she is even more beautiful now than ever. Totally stunning.

But don't go on any web site and check out her photos!!!! After I did, all the people on my electronic address list got emails from me with a link to a site selling cheap Viagra.

Most of my friends sent back funny notes.  I haven't heard from the Old Boyfriends on the list. I hope they know they were being spammed. As Governor Rick Perry would say: "Ooops."

And it was all the fault of this gorgeous princess. No, not that one--the one facing the camera. So long ago and so far away, we thought of Spam as a bad main course for Sunday supper.

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Perry Klein said...

Thanks for posting these pictures, Robin. What a beautiful woman, but whose the lady she's interviewing?

linda said...

i don't know perry but she looks familiar. i think i've seen her in central florida too. and have the autographed WESH photo to prove it!

Perry Klein said...

Alas, Central Florida mourns her departure. She has since relocated to an obscure place called Ft. Chapman in a well known Blue State.

Don Meuler said...

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Perry Klein said...

So anyone seen Robin lately?