Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Images of Inauguration Day

He was so excited: both he and the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court garbled the oath of office for the 44th president. But, it was all legal and oh-so-human. Haven't each of us had a dream like that? (Robin's update of 1/22/09: Chief Justice John Roberts re-administered the constitutionally mandated oath of office to our 44th president on 1/21/09 in the White House Map Room, just to be certain it was all legal.) His rhetoric did not soar. But he had a lot of really tough acts to follow: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan ...

Michelle Obama wore a dress and coat from Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo. When she got out of the limo during the Inaugural Parade, the coat flapped in the cold and the new First Lady had to keep grabbing at it to pull it around her. Prediction: she'll learn what other women in the public eye have had to learn--practicality must be part of style. A coat for this event needed to close and/or needed to be weighted, a technique used by the late Princess of Wales.

Best hat at any inauguration ever. And what an inspiration to have Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, sing "My Country Tis of Thee." It was a real wow.

Cold, sunny, windy weather whips the American flag flying from a home down the street from my own here in Central Florida on this Inauguration Day. How lucky we all are to live in such a country. Congratulations to our 44th president, Barack Obama, and all our prayers for his success at the awesome job he faces.

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lflarson said...

Aretha's hat & singing -- wonderful! Michelle had difficulty with both her citron yellow dress and her ball gown...your comments on the mark. Innocent in DC. I know I'm being catty, but she could have done better. Still, the transition of power was an awesome thing to see...the parade and evening balls were something of a let down by comparison. All I can say is good luck to him and us...the markets continue to stumble around like drunken sailors despite rhetoric and bail out bills.

Robin Chapman said...

I think it takes a woman in the public eye a trial and error period to find her style. That applies to everyone except First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who always had and never lost that certain something. As for the president ... nobody is really big enough for such a big job (excepting Winston Churchill and he was born on the wrong side of the pond!) and with you I hope for all our sakes President Obama truly is remarkable.