Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another 2755 Miles to Go (And Back Again) Before I Sleep

My Florida living room. That thing over on the left is a gorgeous hunt board that I use to hide my flat screen T.V. Don't know how I'll get all this stuff packed up and moved into my new place all the way across the country, but I can't really say this ranks as one of the great problems of the world, eh?

Los Altos, California Leaving the Republic of California this morning and headed back to Central Florida for the final round of packing and movers before I take possession of my new digs February 1. I hate to admit this, but the winter weather in Florida is nicer than it has been in California and I am looking forward to getting back (at least temporarily) to the 78 degree (F) Florida days. But I won't miss the Florida summer, which is hot and steamy.

I have no idea how this move is going to work out. Living near your fragile parents after not living near them most of your adult life has the potential for many perils and many potential joys. My sister and I are trying to remind ourselves that, together, we have a job to do--keeping our parents safe and financially sound for the years that remain and we can do that much better at close range than we can from half a continent, or in my case an entire continent, away. Almost everybody has to go through this, so we are not alone.

What I will miss: the unpretentiousness of Florida; the seductive winter days; the incredibly beautiful wildlife, from manatees to tropical and sub tropical birds; no state income tax (very nice these days, and so rare!); my friends of two decades. What I look forward to: the intellectual life of the San Francisco Bay Area and all the things to see and do; lovely, cool/warm/dry summers; evening fires in the fireplace almost all year; superb shopping; my old school chums from grade school, high school, and college; the sunshine in my father's face when he sees me walk through the door.

My biggest challenge? How to get my 8' 1" hunt board into my new place with its 8' ceilings. Hmm, I can think that out on my five hour flight back to Florida. And, if that is my biggest problem right now, I'm a pretty lucky girl. Stay tuned, as we say in television. More adventures to follow.

Robin's note: 1/7/2009 Got home and measured the hunt board again and it is exactly 8' high. So I'll need to shave just a little off the top to fit the 8' cabinet into a room with an 8' ceiling!

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