Saturday, April 20, 2013

The End of Two Terrorists in an Ongoing War

It won't be over for the victims and their families for a long, long time.

Now that these two young terrorists have been dispensed with--one dead and one who will have to work his dreary way through our justice system--the FBI and all the other letter-heavy agencies in our government owe us the bad guys behind these two evil-doers.

The elder brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, said on social media that the main thing(s) in life were  "career and money," which suggests the very likely possibility he did this for the latter. Follow the money and it will lead us to those who ordered this, and those who ordered this must also face justice.

Irony is an overused word in American journalism, but there are, nevertheless, many ironies and paradoxes in this case. Among them:

--Having found asylum in America from the violence and terror in their homeland, these two young men imported it to a peaceful city.

--Espousing Islam as their worldview (on social media)--a value set that often includes hatred of Jews--both terrorists were taken to Beth Israel Hospital, where humane doctors worked to save their lives.

--Boston, a city of affluent college students who generally avoid police like the plague (especially when they are partying), cheered the police when the last suspect was caught.

--After literally trillions spent on security in America since the events of September 11, 2001, two immigrant punks from a part of the world that should have screamed "Red Alert" walked right through our zillion-dollar security net.

--In the middle of Congressional action to open our nation's arms to millions of people who have come to America illegally, two legal immigrants shut down a major city, killing and maiming the citizens who reached out to give them shelter.

--The Russians, our former enemy, had alerted us to their concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but he was allowed back into the U.S. after what was likely his definitive terrorist visit to his home region.

--The dead terrorist was also a girlfriend beater. Why wasn't he deported? Is violence against women still not taken seriously in America? "He just hit her lightly," said his father. I'll bet.

This problem will not disappear by magic.

There will always be cowards willing to have others die for their cause. And though our president has urged us not to "rush to judgment about the motivations behind the attacks" I think it is time we do exactly that. Sound judgement is required to direct the lives of each of us. It needs to be used to direct the life of this nation.

To those whose beliefs include forcing their beliefs (with violence) upon others we need to say: "You do not belong here. Take refuge elsewhere. There are lots of other countries where you can live. Have a nice day."

Whether we have the courage to do this may, in the end, determine our own survival. In Boston, we were finally lucky and once again prevailed over evil.

But ask the victims of this tragedy and their families if it did not come at a terrible, terrible price.

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Robin Chapman said...

Another strange twist in this tale: brother number two may have killed brother number one when he drove the escape car over him as he left the shootout scene Thursday night/Friday a.m. Creepy ....