Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Friends & Family Fight Explosive Boston Hate

My friend Josh's mother Holly and me in her lovely Washington D.C. home the day I left to take a new job at WESH-TV in Florida.

We heard the news of the terrible attack in Boston just before I headed back to the San Francisco peninsula from my visit to Los Angeles. 

It made me glad that I had gone to LA in the first place. Though I flew down there for business--in this case to help promote my new book--another key reason for the trip was to see old friends. Boston was a good reminder that nothing in life--even life itself--comes with a guarantee.

So for this visit, I got to spend a lot of time with my college friend Phyllis, visit with her husband John and their grown children who pop in and out of their welcoming home.

On one evening, I was able to get to know my cousin's daughter Jenny, who is living and working in Los Angeles, far from her Charlottesville, Virginia, family. 

My first cousin-once-removed, Jenny, on the Chapman side.

My sister Kimberly (at back) me, sitting crosslegged, and my cousin Martha, Jenny's mom, in the backyard of our house in Los Altos, a long time ago.

Jenny is a sort of Superwoman who graduated from Penn and the London School of Economics. Working for an agent and writing a screenplay. Tough not to enjoy this lovely member of the new generation.

I also got to see my friend Holly, the mother of my friend Josh of NBC. Though I met Holly and Josh when I was a reporter in Washington D.C., Holly now lives in South Florida. I wanted to make sure I took the time to see her as she came to LA to see her first grandchild. She's a beautiful and elegant grandmother at 87 years old. 

Holly and Robin at Santa Monica Beach.

Holly, Robin, Holly's friend Lucy and my friend Phyllis Sunday night on Santa Monica Beach.

I also got to see my friend, Holly's son, Josh, who works for Dateline, as well as say hi to his younger brother Ben, who is a host at Turner Classic Movies. They are both the grandsons of Herman Mankiewicz who won an Oscar for his screenplay for Citizen Kane. I took the time to do a little nuzzling with my friend Josh, whose Significant Other was kind enough to let me do so.

          I've been friends with Josh for longer than I care to say!

With friends, family, and book promoting with the History Press at the LA Convention Center I was in such a cocoon, it was a shock when the real world intruded on us Monday with the Boston news.

Magan Thomas of the History Press takes an order as my book display is featured at the publisher's booth at the LA Convention Center.

I have to try to step around all the hate that must have filled the heart of those responsible for the Boston bombing. This weekend was a good lesson in the loving links that I've been blessed to forge in my life. Don't get me wrong: my life has not been one merry chase. But business and professional friendships, family, college pals, lifelong colleagues--these are the bonds that have made all the difference. None of it has been due to me. All of it has been the luck I've had and the kindness of those I've met. 

Perhaps people who are filled with hate, like those who killed an innocent child and others in Boston, have missed out on this. Perhaps we should feel sorry for them. I'm going to give that a try. 

Cherish friends. Pity those whose hearts are filled with darkness.

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