Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blossom Time is Publication Time!

Here's a vintage postcard from a UK company showing an apricot tree blooming in Egypt. The Egyptians call the apricot "mish-mish" and, because the apricot seems to take a long time ripening, they have a saying: "Tomorrow. When there are apricots." It is like saying, "Don't hold your breath!"
© Robin Chapman and The History Press

New Publication Date for
California Apricots: The Lost Orchards of Silicon Valley 
by Robin Chapman
On sale April 16, 2013

Lots of things cooking this week with my upcoming book. Andy Mariani of Andy's Orchard in Morgan Hill has asked me to do a booksigning at his "apricot tasting" event on July 6, 2013. I rarely know what I am going to do the day after tomorrow, but I've got this event on my calendar! Andy is from the legendary Santa Clara Valley orchard family, and gave me some great quotes for the book.

You can find Andy's Orchard at: 1615 Half Rd  Morgan Hill, CA 95037. So if you plan that far ahead, I hope to see you!

An old California apricot label given to me by one of my classmates from Los Altos High.

Also: the Los Altos History Museum is giving the book a mention in the society's spring newsletter, which is super, since I did a lot of research in their archives and much credit is due there. Los Altos is one of just three cities in the valley that cultivates a heritage orchard.

Apricot trees in bloom at the J. Gilbert Smith Heritage Orchard
 surrounding Los Altos City Hall and Library.
©Robin Chapman and the History Press

I don't know if you have the webformation/webzine "Patch"on the Internet with news of your town in it, but it is very active here in the Santa Clara Valley (we're Silicon Valley, so that would make sense).  The web site Los Altos Patch asked me to write a short guest blog about the book and is setting up an interview with me as well. You can read the guest post on Los Altos Patch at:  "When Apricots Bloomed" by Robin Chapman   

In addition, I just learned that the publication date has been officially moved up from May 21 to April 16, 2013. Don't know why; but having the book come out while it is still blossom time in the valley is not a bad thing. Or, as the Arabs say (as I learned in my research), "That's like an apricot in Damascus." Or, in the modern lingo: "it just doesn't get any better than that." 

Finally; as I think I've said here already, the book is available now for pre-orders on Amazon, and I know many of my friends have already put orders in. That is good for the book because preorders are one factor the publisher takes into account when deciding on a press run. A bigger press run is better news for yours truly. So, if you want to order it (and there is a good discount on Amazon) please do so at this link: Buy Robin's Apricot Book on Amazon

These past seven days began with an oral surgery appoinrtment late last week, and a meeting with my tax guy Monday--both (I assumed) would be painful. Both were a breeze, and now good news just follows along. Like "an apricot in the Santa Clara Valley."

Here's one of my favorite photos from the book: little boys sneaking a summer snack in a drying yard. In the book, I explain about the narrow gauge tracks up in the right hand corner.
Courtesy of the Los Altos History Museum. All rights reserved. 
©Robin Chapman and the History Press 

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