Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Friend Steve Gets Married! He Found Someone To Love Him Just As He Is! OMG!

Steve Latshaw and Tiffanie Johnson are now the Latshaws.

My dear friend Steve Latshaw, film producer, director, writer and creative person extraordinaire, married his sweetheart last night, in probably the most delightful wedding I've ever attended.

Since  I quit drinking, I'm a much less expensive guest--and events like this are much more fun for me. Now I know when I'm silly, I'm just being silly!  We danced and danced and my friends, who all love Steve as I do, were so pleased to see him happy too.

His last decade has been full of challenges.  I'll have more on that and more on the wedding.  For now, as I head to Palm Sunday service, I just want to say I'm giving thanks for my beloved friends, their dark and delightful senses of humor, their strange and wonderful lives, and the many kindnesses they have done me over the years.

Mostly for being my friends--all through everything.

And: Hooray! It can happen to you too! 

(More later.

 Phyllis helped me raid her husband's rose garden so I could put roses in my hair for the nuptials.

More about all this anon.  Meanwhile if you want to know more about Steve Latshaw, whom I know from TV, but who is now a movie mogul, just Google him at IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base).

Friends are a wonderful thing.

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