Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Demonstrations of Temporal Cloakling"

Robin and niece Lena. This was during a temporal non-void when we were wearing coats, not cloaks.

I just read this article about how scientists have figured out a way to create hidden pockets in time by altering the speed of light beams.

These physicists can cause what they are calling "tiny temporal voids." Tiny means really tiny. Maybe a picosecond--which is a trillionth of a second. But they're working to stretch it out to something like a nanosecond--or a billionth of a second.

I really love this idea.

The Defense Advanced Research Agency of the USDOD thinks this could be used to "cloak" just enough time for them to do a little spying without getting caught.

I've been thinking of another use. I could use these "tiny temporal voids" to not make stupid decisions--and not say things I wish I hadn't--in all those regrettable picoseconds of my life.

Things I've blurted out that were at the top of my mind and should have been stored elsewhere---ooops "temporal void pocket" and presto change-o! Robin doesn't say that dumb thing at all!

Truth be told, there is a whole lot of my life I would "cloak" if given half a chance. Tiny Temporal Void--I seek thee! A picosecond would have given me a chance to choose that better job! Not marry that guy! Not get that weird haircut! Not buy those ridiculous shoes and invest the money instead in a practical annuity!

I'm so bereft that researchers have discovered this remarkable thing so late in my life. For someone who has stumbled around, I've actually been incredibly lucky. No thanks to myself and my brain.

Imagine how well I could have done with a really good cloak.

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Don Meuler said...

Ah yes. The Jim Croce theory.

Robin Chapman said...

Time in a Bottle. Love that song. I'm a little short on a list of people I could stand to spend Eternity with, however. And I think the feeling is mutual! Going in to 2012 I seem to have offended everyone!

linda said...

you haven't offended me robin! :-)

Don Meuler said...

Not I! And I think you'd be endlessly entertaining.

Robin Chapman said...

Well that's two ...