Monday, October 17, 2011

Doin' That Facebook Thing

Ed Heiland and Robin Chapman at WESH-TV News in Orlando.

You may or may not believe this, but I've tried very hard not to make this blog about recherche du temps perdu. That is: I try to live in the present: and the present, at present, is a pretty fascinating place to be.

Still, when I had to join Facebook to add a comment to the page of a friend, I discovered this gave me my own Facebook page and my life began to spiral out of control from that moment. Because it was there I discovered all my old pals from the biz.  What a hoot and a half.

I resisted joining Facebook for just this reason. Skeletons! Old memories! Connecting with old high school sweethearts! Like Kurtz in Heart of Darkness, I could hear myself whispering: "The horror. The horror."

Oh well.  Turns out it is fun, after all. Heard from my former co-anchor Ed Heiland today--now a talent at the University of Central Florida and in independant production--and it was great. He was one of the hardest-working and nicest of the on-camera men I worked with over the years.  Not that I don't still love the others!  They were great too! (You can't say anything bad on Facebook or it follows you around for the rest of your life.) I love all you guys! Really! All so talented!!

So there you are. One cannot resist the advances inherent in the march of the time. 

Now, between my blog, my Facebook page, my iPhone, my home phone, my two email accounts, and that wonder of invention--Internet Shopping--I will never, ever have to leave my house again.

Surrounded by my old scrapbooks, like old Miss Havisham, and (unlike Miss Havisham) my numerous electronic devices, I can sit in my ruined mansion with the dust on my old audition tapes and the spiderwebs on my collection of TV logo mugs and quietly finish out my days.

(Robin rings bell by her table and calls for aging servant to bring in ancient tea service.) Cup o' tea, anyone?

Don't know why, but I always hated this picture. Those earrings remind me of large invertebrates.

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linda said...

speaking of facebook, i learned through linkedin that ed heiland is a friend of a retired navy photojournalist friend. it really is a smallworld!

Robin Chapman said...

An old friend used to say we are all three phone calls away from the White House. Or maybe he used to say we are all three phone calls away from Ed Heiland ...

linda said...

next time you talk to ed, ask him if he remembers kirby harrison. i see ed did some work for aviation international news, where kirby is a senior editor.

kirby is the friend i emailed about interest in the hangar one story!

Robin Chapman said...

Okey doke, as my father would say. But you could "friend" Ed and ask him yourself and then you'd be at least two degrees of separation closer ...

linda said...

i just sent an introduction linkedin message to ed and kirby.will let you know what happens. thanks for the idea.

peretzklein said...

Be still my heart! I remember that red jacket.

Robin Chapman said...

I think almost all my jackets were red. Perry, welcome back to America!