Sunday, October 23, 2011

Attack of the Killer Crows! Or: Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds May End Up in A Pie

Many people in California don't even have lawns anymore: it is that water conservation thing and a good change it probably is.

But my lawn has been here for half a century. It was attached to the house my sister and I inherited. So, I was unprepared for the terror that awaited me when ...

... a flock of crows attacked the lawn on Friday and again on Saturday. They were looking for grubs, I think. Whatever. They made a really big mess.

I realize, that as troubles go, this does not rank with divorce, death, and disaster. Still, the mess these crows made--and I actually caught them at it this time--did cause me to want to go out and get a blunderbuss.

Now I'm wondering if, last year, when I had my previous lawn damage and went to all that trouble to hire the Critter Catchers, I did that skunk and his friend the 'possum a great injustice. Was it this local gang of crows all along?

Crows are going to be considerably more difficult to dislodge.

They're smart: they wait until you've left the property or are inside doing your laundry before they go on their Hells-Angels-in-Hollister rampage.

I don't know. A rock garden is looking better and better every day.

Or a pie.

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Don Meuler said...

Two dozen cows would make more than just one pie, methinks, rhyme notwithstanding.
My crows are noisy but don't do much damage. The starlings, on the other hand...

Robin Chapman said...

I am going to start an anti-wildlife league!

Don Meuler said...

They DO seem out to get you - what did you ever do to them?

Robin Chapman said...

Well, I have had cause to eat a lot of crow in my time ...