Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Late Breaking News on Leg Breaking Jay

Ms. Gimpy.

I wasn't sure what I would find when I went out this morning, after reporting to you on my day, yesterday, watching the wounded Jay bird fledgling, who somehow managed to get her leg broken.

I sat out back this morning, with bird seed at the ready.  After about ten minutes, she flew over. She made it through the night!  Good show!

No thanks to her sibling, Mr. Peanut, who was ahead of her in line this morning for the chow.

Mr. Peanut has always liked peanuts better than she, and has mastered the art of jamming two peanuts into his beak before flying away.  What a porcine, ornithological specimen!  Anyway, he took his peanuts and off he went, coming back several times before Ms. Gimpy showed her face.

Ms. Gimpy standing on one leg, wondering why I'm taking her picture.

Ms Gimpy having the buffet breakfast.

She was having a good time breaking her fast and minding her own business, when Mr. Peanut re-appeared and chased her off!  They've always had a pecking order at meals: one stands by while the other feeds and visa versa. Each politely waiting his turn.

Mr. Peanut wasn't about to change his habit due to his sibling's injury. So he chased her around a little and she's gone again. He's back at the trough. But I'm happy. At least Ms. Gimpy made it through one more night and still has a chance.  I look forward to seeing her again.

Nice going Ms. Gimpy! Hope to see you feeling better soon.

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Thaddeus said...

What a great story and great photos! Please keep us posted. I'm pulling for Ms. Gimpy!

Robin Chapman said...

It is a week now: and she's still around. What a trooper!