Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Great Moffett Paint Out: Day One

Artist Robin Mize gets down to work.

Thirty two landscape artists from all over the San Francisco Bay Area, converged on Moffett Field, Saturday, September 17, 2011 for Day One of the Great Moffett Paint Out. We had absolutely perfect weather. As my father used to say: "It was a CAVU day"--ceiling and visibility unlimited.

Artists spread out all over the 1000 acre property to paint whatever they wanted to paint in this sunny, breezy spot on the edge of San Francisco Bay. The event was sponsored by the Moffett Museum and Historical Society.

The weather didn't impress artist John Deckert, who came all the way over from Marin County to find happiness painting the uniforms inside the museum.

This artist found an electrical box to sit on that provided a nice flat spot for her chair.

She was sketching Hangar One and Moffett's almost-equally-well-known red and white-checked water tower.

Hangar One was the focus for many, which is what I had hoped. This all began because I decided, if they were going to dismantle the hangar, I wanted a painting of it for my wall. The idea got out of hand as you can see.  But in a nice way.

Each artist has his own vision and to say an artist is a contrarian might be construed as giving him a compliment.

This pastel artist turned her back on the man-made landscape and painted ...

The Coast Range in the distance.  The mountains were beautiful today in the sunlight.

And what of the sign I went to so much trouble to have made for the event?

The "Welcome Artists" sign was installed by our president Herb Parsons.  I held the ladder.  Thank you Herb!

It looked great over the Museum doorway. But hardly anybody noticed it. All those artistic eyes were focused elsewhere--their vision sometimes oblivious to even the largest of things around them.

More tomorrow ...

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