Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yard Bunny Salad Issues: What to Plant in The Summer Garden?

"Hold the poppies, and I'll have my dressing on the side." 
Remants of the Romaine remain.

Earlier this spring I planted some lettuce to see if it would help to keep the Yard Bunny family from inhaling my iris, as they seemed to be doing.  Not sure that helped, but they certainly enjoyed my thoughtfulness.

Yet when I evaluate the Yard Bunny salad preferences, I notice they:  adore arugula, banquet on the butter lettuce, and nibble the Nemesia.  But they reject the Romaine.  Interesting.

They keep the Romaine trimmed and eat the Nemesia blossoms, but the agugula has vanished entirely, and there is just small bit of the butter lettuce left.  I wonder if they just haven't noticed it.

When I first planted the small garden I added a few Iceland poppies to frame it.  They ate the tops off those, for garnish, I guess. But they must have had a bad reaction to the poppies: since that first assault, they've left them alone, which is good, because now the bunnies can pass their drug tests.  And the poppies are now proliferating.

All this is of interest because we've now plowed the back forty and are getting ready to put in a summer garden.

  Compost in and tiller has been and gone.  Now we must plant our Victory garden.

Last year I tilled but I did not sow.  There was so much to do after the deaths of both my parents that I left the vegetable garden fallow for one season. In the previous years the bunnies left the tomatoes alone, but did pursue the pumpkins, which confused my mother.  She couldn't figure out what those teeth marks were on her famous orange gourds.

My friend Leslie has already had her blueberries battered by her rabbit friends over in Cupertino.  As compensation, before she and her husband headed north for the summer, she and I visited a big iris farm in the hills above San Jose.  It is only open a few weeks each year, so people can see the irises and make their decisions about ordering. 

Nola's Iris garden, San Jose California.

Seeing the garden made it really hard for me to order.  There were acres of iris and they were all so beautiful, I couldn't decide which one was the prettiest.  Or which ten.

And I wasn't sure I wanted to share such bounty with the bunnies. 

Who me?  I was just cleaning my rabbit's foot!
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