Friday, May 27, 2011

Yard Bunny Attempts to Look Like Statue

In the morning, when I'm working at my computer and having my second cup of coffee, I often notice the Yard Bunny hop by on the brick patio.  This morning, I got up to see if he headed for the remaining romaine.  Indeed.

My iPhone camera does have a zoom on it, but I hope by the time I buy the next iteration, the iPhone has an even better zoom so I can get better pictures through my picture window.

Still, this one, of the yard bunny in the lettuce, next to the garden "yard bunny" gnome, turned out pretty well, considering.

So far, no reports of any of the bunny family in my real vegetable garden on the other side of the house. For that, there will have to be severe punishment.  That is when we start looking at recipes for "Lapin a la Cocotte."  I read that the Facebook guy is going to be eating only the meat he captures and dispenses with himself this year.  He lives around here somewhere.  I'll send him a invite. 

Meanwhile, the Yard Bunny thinks I can't see him. Who does he think he is?  Harvey?

Almost invisible, but not quite ...

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Jon said...

Love your little bunny stories. It is hard to get mad at something so cute.

Robin Chapman said...

I grow lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts--and I don't get any of them!!! My woodland friends however ... are plump and happy. My father used to trap the squirrels and drive them over to the other side of the freeway and let them out there. I don't think it did much good. The bunnies are a realtively new thing, and none of us knows where they came from. Are they an escaped pet or have they just lost their natural enemies??? I see Lapin a la Cocotte in my future!