Saturday, April 2, 2011

Seven More "Mom" Chairs Emerge From the Attic: Aha! More Architectural Antiques

One of a pair. As if one were not enough.

I've been eyeing two chairs my sister found in the attic a month ago--two of seven she brought down this time during an exploratory climb during her visit. My mother bought lots of chairs at garage sales during her lifetime, with the idea that she would "re-do" them at some point. We've found more than a couple of dozen so far. Some of them--some of the earliest she bought--are really lovely. Anyway, she never got around to the re-do part.

Some of the later ones were more than a little iffy. It is possible, at a certain point, not wearing her glasses may have impacted her taste.

I've re-covered several of the best of them, and they look great--a real tribute to her artistic perception. But two of the ones that came down recently were especially peculiar. (See photo above) I don't think different fabric would have helped.

I've been eyeing them for the two carved pieces on the back. Machine carved, I think, and then glued in place--but that part of the chair is at least a little bit interesting. And from a distance ... Well, today I took out my little hammer.

The chairs were just pegged together so the work went quickly. Pretty soon, I had those "architectural" pieces safely removed.

They could use a little polish, but that part is easy.

I have these two spots over the closets in one of my bedrooms and the more I've stared at them, the more they look like they need a little something up there. And I'm thinking of putting up those two carved pieces.

I've done it before with the backs of two chairs from Mom's collection. The chairs had no seats, so we couldn't even give them away at the garage sale. They've made for interesting decor in the country kitchen.

So as far as the bedroom goes--you'll have to stay tuned. I'm in the middle of polishing my architectural antiques. I hope my sister doesn't mind about the chairs.

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Laura said...

If your mom had to have an eccentricity, and collecting old chairs with the intent of "re-doing" them was hers, consider yourself lucky! Some of the pieces you have shown us are just beautiful. And the others? You can still find some beauty in them.

have a great day.

Robin Chapman said...

Thanks Laura--my mother had a truly artistic style, which I learned a great deal from. Now, collecting chairs wasn't here only eccentricity, mind you, but nil nisi bonum, etc. etc. I am certainly enjoying a lot of the chairs. My friend Leslie just took on two of them, which match a chair she found. So we are almost out of them. Still, if you want to drop by the house and check out the last batch, come on down!

Don Meuler said...

Totally digging your house, Robin. Is it as big as it looks? All the rooms seem so spacious. And that must be quite an attic! :o)

Robin Chapman said...

Well, what with the gate house and the long winding drive, people think it is bigger than it actually is.