Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Ballard Catalogue Charges a Lot of Money for These Doo Dads!

Mom would probably have beaned me for this ...

I don't know if you get the Ballard Designs Catalogue, but they are always selling architectural thingees one is supposed to put up on one's walls for decor purposes. Maybe that is where I got the idea--I honestly don't know.

But the ones I, er, extracted from those old chairs we found in the attic that "Mom planned to re-do" were a much better price. Of course I won't be able to sell the chairs now at a garage sale, not with those pieces missing and all.

Source of decorative "carved" panel, surrounded, you may notice, by a great deal of other junque in the garage.

I recovered the "decorative elements" from the chairs yesterday, and got the panels up this morning. Now those blank spaces on the walls above the closets, painted that lovely Behr paint color, "French Castle," don't look quite so Behr.

They look a little Chinese I think, like a Ming tomb. Or not.

And then, there is that little piece of Mom's imagination, floating up there near the ceiling of that room. I'm not sure what she would think about that.

Alas, one's days of worrying about that are hovering up there much higher than the chair panel. They've entered one of those worm holes in the Universe and have vanished forever.

Big pink checks and a chair panel. Okay, but I'm having an awful lot of fun.

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