Monday, March 7, 2011

Mr. Potts and Toby Continue in the Garden

Mr. Potts and his assistant, Mr. Toby Tyler, working next door.

The transformation continues at the house next door to me. It is Dr. Z's new home, and it has been long neglected, so it is good to see the changes.

Saturday morning, before he went off to play golf, Mr. Potts set out the plants he was going to place around the garden, for installation today.

He saved the bird of paradise plant that had been up against the house, and divided it so it could be used in more than one place, and he added other plants that will do well in our dry California summer: a California orange tree, some New Zealand flax (very popular now as it needs little water), a barberry plant and some nandina.

There is also juniper, dusty miller, statice flower, sage, and several azaleas. I don't know when the lawn goes in, but it looks as if it will very soon.

Mr. Potts is a rare landscaper among those I've met: he knows a lot about plants and has a love for them. This is a secret I am now sharing with you because Mr. Potts is a big jokester and makes a joke of everything so you won't know how much he loves his job. He even makes a joke of the fact that I wear striped socks--he says they make me look like the witch in the Wizard of Oz. Especially when I ride my bike with the basket in the front.

But, because he works with that friendly fellow, Toby Tyler; and because his wife Donna is a good person and was kind to my mother and father; and not the least because he is doing such a good job at the house next door: I forgive him his jests, especially now that I have learned his secret love of plants. He's a good neighbor, and that's a good thing to have.

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Devon C. said...

Well as long as you don't melt in water, I'd say you're safe from being the wicked witch of the west.... hahaha

Robin Chapman said...

He said my sister also wears striped socks, so he thinks we are both from Oz. Not I!

Don Meuler said...

Glinda, maybe...

Toby T. looks like a good digger. I hope he doesn't try watering, though.

Robin Chapman said...

Oh dear. We've been unable to stop Toby from using his automatic sprinkler system.