Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Case of the Disappearing Arugula

Mrs. Rabbit apparently has reason to be especially hungry.

I don't want to drag this whole bunny thing out much further, but I do have one more thing to add.

In the last few days, when I've gone out to get the mail (we have rural type mailboxes in my town, so mine's across the street on a post with two others), I've seen several neighbors peering through my fence, into my backyard.

"I hope you know you've got a whole bunny family in there this spring," said the young man I often see out walking his German shepherd. (Bet they take cover when they see that duo coming!)

And then there is the unusual neighbor in the funny hat who is often out walking her new, unruly, shih tzu.

"There's a whole bunch of little bunnies in there," she said, pointing at my juniper.

This certainly would explain why Mrs. Rabbit has been so hungry, she ate all six of my arugula plants, eight red romaines, and six butter lettuce starts in the course of just two days. She's eating for a family.

But geez, do you know how much that stuff costs?

I just hope she doesn't wolf down the Iceland poppies. She might flunk her drug test. Then she'd have to join Charlie Sheen in rehab.

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