Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who is Reading This Blog?

Ever wonder who is reading this blog with you? We've now reached almost 5000 hits since we first started tracking with Google Analytics. That's a hefty number for a blog that is not yet a year old.

Who is reading us out there?

People from 69 different countries for one thing. We had a nice note from a reader in Scandinavia who liked the vintage postcards we often use as illustrations on the site. And we have some loyal readers in India, one of whom sent this note regarding an article Robin wrote about leaving her Florida home. (The article included a picture of her living room): "I had read about some of the writers' rooms. Today I am educated a little bit more !!!! (After reading your article on your room). Here is the link describing the room of Virginia Woolf : Sincerely, N.L., Ahmadabad, India"
(Miles to Go Before I Sleep)

We recently had a nice comment on our (admittedly tongue in cheek) post about the differences between Florida and California. (The post is several months old but that is one of the wonders of the blog. People find you by Googling a subject you may have written about several months before.) The note read: "We are from California now living in the Keys. Your comments are so right on but you did not mention the beautiful sunsets in California due to the pollution content the more smog the prettier the sunset." Well hey, we like the Florida Keys too! It's like living in the Caribbean only with U.S. money and better food.
(Sunshine State Vs Sunshine State)

Articles written by screenwriter Steve Latshaw for our blog have elicited comments from his wide range of friends including Dean Torrence of the classic surfer duo Jan and Dean. His articles on Roy Rogers have been read in dozens of countries from Chile to the Netherlands. Even Dustin Roy Rogers (Roy's grandson) wrote in response to the encouraging comments: "We cannot do it alone. It will only happen with a posse whose numbers are as strong as Roy's fan base. I encourage all Roy & Dale fans to join Carole in "shouting as loud as they are praying. Dustin Roy Rogers"
(We Need a Posse to Help Roy and Dale)

Reviewing an indy film called In Search of a Midnight Kiss , we mentioned that in spite of all its awards, we found it boring, vulgar and dreary. Not to mention the lead actress, in her twenties, appeared to be headed for the land of double chins. Someone in Hollywood agreed with us in this letter from Anonymous: "Actually, Sara Simmonds is 30-years-old and she already does have a double chin...ha! I loved your honest review of this film. It is one of the first I've read that I agree with. The entire film from the writing to the acting,...shall I say, "STINKS!"" (Here we must interject the advice of Trady Lords' mother in Philadelphia Story: "Don't say 'stinks' darling. When necessary say 'smells' but only when absolutely necessary.")
(Sunshine State Vs Sunshine State)

We don't want to spend too much time patting our own back. We are just pleased and astonished that we've had this much luck bringing in readers to our general interest blog.

To you, our readers, from all over the globe--from Australia to the Netherlands and from Spain to Ireland, we salute you. Only one little complaint. We've had readers from every state in the United States--except South Dakota. Where are you S. Dakota? Anybody out there amidst the Badlands?

We promise you more fun, travel, books, movies, commentary and amusement in the months ahead. Hope you will stay with us. And bring your friends down, ya hear?

A vintage postcard we love.

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Jack in Portland said...

OK, Robin. Now what's with the "We"? This is your blog. You and who else are writing it? When I read today's posting, I was taken back decades to my only exposure to Ayn Rand, and the awareness of the transformation of the individual to the group or society or state, ever ascending away from recognizing the triumph of the individual intellect, spirit, range of experiences, etc. YOU are the author; I look forward to reading "Robin Chapman's" blog to find out what YOU are doing, how you're feeling, your travels, the inspiration you gain for writing - from the relationship with your family to the experience of rediscovering the beauty of the California landscape. I know some writers use 'We', but this is the first time I've seen you use it. OK, I'll stop now. Looking forward to your posts, as always. Jack in Portland.

Robin Chapman said...

My goodness gracious Jack, we, I mean, I, certainly hit your buzzer!

I was using what is known as the editorial "we," a literary device with a perfectly decent history in the English language. I believe, since its my blog, I can do so if I want to and even if we want to.

We are definitely amused!

Anonymous said...

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