Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Grower and a Tech Pioneer: A Santa Clara Valley Friendship

Modern Silicon Valley may not feel it has a lot in common with Santa Clara Valley's recent agricultural past. But many friendships blossomed in the orchards. Ask Charlie Olson of Sunnyvale's Orchard Heritage Park. He will tell you.

It wasn't very long ago that tech visionaries like Steve Jobs and David Packard were cultivating their own apricot orchards in the Santa Clara Valley. Before Jobs died, he finalized plans for the new Apple campus in Cupertino and decreed it be surrounded by fruit trees of all kinds. Packard, of Hewlett Packard fame, had his own orchard in Los Altos Hills--sixty acres of apricot trees, now cultivated by his foundation.

How did the growers and the tech pioneers interface? Here is a story I've written for the Los Altos Town Crier that will tell you something about that.

Click Here for the Story of Charlie Olson and David Packard

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