Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sherlock (Holmes, that is) Is Back! Thank Goodness He Has Never Left Us

Hey, don't you have a little Sherlock in your house?

I think any woman who can claim she has done a needlepoint of the "Sherlock Holmes" pub sign, owns her own deerstalker cap, and has a little plaque that features the address "221B Baker Street" tucked into a corner of her house, can be dubbed a Sherlockian.

I have loved the tales for years and years--many years (I must say with some pride) before Hollywood and the rest of the world caught up with me. Now that the tales are being retold, the PBS series called "Sherlock" is among the very best: so I'm thrilled to know the second season begins this Sunday night.

The series brings Sherlock Holmes and his amanuensis, Dr. John Watson, into 21st century London, without changing the best things about the characters.

If you watched season one, I don't even have to convince you.  But, imagine the Victorian/Edwardian Sherlock Holmes with an iPhone living in the London of the the "London Eye" with a Dr. Watson just back from a tour in ... Afghanistan, where else?--and you'll get the fabulous drift of this inventive series.

Dr. Watson chronicles his unique friend's cases, not in The Strand Magazine--but on his blog!

I can't say enough about this innovative reworking of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's enduring tales.

So I needn't.  Just watch PBS "Mystery" on Sunday night--checking your local listings, of course.

I'll be sitting wearing my deerstalker and looking like the eccentric that I am. And as long as you don't pick up the phone while I'm watching--no texting either!--you can remain a friend who understands. And a friend who understands is one who knows ...

... that the steps up to the second floor at 221B Baker Street transport us to a wonderful world, where brains are triumphant over the powers of evil. And where we know that when the World's Only Consulting Detective is on the case, "the game's afoot" and all is--or will soon be--right with the world.

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Kathy said...

amanuensis, now there's a word you don't hear everyday.

I saw the first episode of the first season on an airplane flying back from London in 2006! The first season was finally shown here and rerun a couple of times. With only three episodes of season one to tide me over these past six years I am very excited to finally view season two.

My favorite "Sherlock" has been Jeremy Brett and I was skeptical of bringing the story into the 21st century; but I think it is brilliant and as you might have guessed, I myself had to be dragged into this century kicking and screaming. (only slight exaggeration here). Hoorah for Sherlock and his ever faithful sidekick Dr. Watson.


Robin Chapman said...

Hope Snoopy and you enjoyed "A Scandal in Belgravia." Wow it was great! Next week--The Hound of the Baskervilles. Hoo--Ahhh!