Monday, February 27, 2012

Sad News About Scarves at Neiman's

"Lafayette's Triumphal Tour of America" scarf by Hermes.

Neiman Marcus had a giveaway this weekend. It wasn't much--just a glamorous tote bag if you made a minimum purchase in the cosmetics department.  Since I've invested quite a bit in Neiman Marcus over the years, I'm always happy to drop by if they want to give me something--since it seems likely I'm bound to make the minimum purchase (at some point) anyway.

So I picked up my sort-of-free tote bag and then drifted over to the scarf department where I have spent many a happy hour looking through the Hermes silk scarves from France. There, I was in for a bad shock.

On my way to cover the end of the Gulf War in Kuwait, 1991. I'm wearing Hermes' "Hello Dolly" scarf with my reporter duds.

I know I've mentioned before how much I enjoy these Hermes scarves, each one of which is a work of art. They seemed pricey to me when I bought my first one, many years ago, and the price has only gone up over the years.  But, if you dress conservatively, you can buy one of these beauties every now and then and add a lot of panache to your wardrobe. 
Wearing a green-and-white Hermes scarf covered with perfume bottles in Dublin. The scarf is called "Quimporte Les Flacons."

I still have every single one I've ever purchased--except one.  That one was a lovely pastel tropical-fauna-themed one I accidentally left on an airplane. Oh lucky person who found it! (It was called "Aloha" and if you found it, or just happen to have one on hand, feel free to send it to me!)

A closer look at "Hello Dolly."

Browsing through Hermes at Neimans, is a habit I began three decades ago when I lived in Bethesda, Maryland, and the Neiman Marcus at  Friendship Heights was conveniently located just ten minutes from my house. I think the Hermes scarves, posh as they were, were the most affordable of the beautiful things in that store. Sometimes I didn't buy.  Just looking at them was fun.

Anyway, back to this weekend. My shock in the scarf department. No Hermes scarves. "Where are the Hermes scarves?" I asked.

"Les Oiseaux Du Roy" by Hermes.

"Neiman Marcus isn't carrying them anymore," said the clerk.  "Only the D.C. store. Otherwise you have to go to a Hermes boutique."

I don't know if you've ever been in a Hermes boutique. But it is a little bit like going to France. They will take your money there. But I always feel as if I'm not properly dressed and don't have nearly enough money to qualify. Just like being in Paris!

Neiman and Hermes apparently couldn't come to a deal. Maybe Hermes felt Neiman Marcus wasn't good enough for them. Now there is discrimination for you! Quelle horreur!

The good news is that the nearest Hermes boutique is pretty far away from me. It will be much harder for me to waste my money on these bijoux. Drat.  

Another look at "Lafayette."

Lafayette! I am here! (See you soon in San Francisco.)

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Debbie said...

You are a funny girl! I love my scarves, too, but since I only wear a few of them, I decided to part with four of them...I can't wait to make space for a couple I really want. That Lafayette scarf was great, I saw one at an up-scale resale shop and I wish I had bought it.