Sunday, December 25, 2011

To Whom We Owe so Much: Even Our Pursuit of Happiness

That's Lady Mary there on the sled with me as the sun comes out after the snowstorm in Denver. Hard to spot her in her snuggle bunny suit.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Just wanted my friends to see at least some of the Col's family on Christmas morning in snowy Colorado. Fire on the hearth. Blessings galore. Sled in the snow.

Christmas in Denver, 2011.

Prayers from here for our country--may selflessness and integrity return to our leadership. May facts replace marketing in our public discourse and civic virtue return and our leaders re-learn they are accountable. To We The People.

These things the Greatest Generation fought for, died for, and handed over to us--in trust. For their sacrifice may we be worthy.

We owe them all the peace with honor they won us. May the promise of the season be fulfilled in all we do and say.

Happy Christmas to all!

Ah there she is: the face emerges: Lady Mary--not so sure about this stuff.

... now feeling a bit better about it all...

And her smiles were so delightful.

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1 comment:

linda said...

ah the young and the young at heart. brings back memories of when i received a flying saucer for christmas too many years ago. we had a mini hill in our backyard. when we got between 2 and 3 inches of snow, the aucer would glide down the hill bringing me much joy and the ency of the neighborhood kids with sleds.

hope you had a very merry christmas!