Monday, August 22, 2011

The "Great Moffett Paint Out" is On As Hangar One Sheds Its Skin

The San Francisco Bay Area landmark, old airship Hangar One at the former Naval Air Station Moffett, has a different look these days as the outside panels come off.

The first Great Moffett Paint Out, sponsored by the Moffett Field Historical Association and Museum, is now scheduled for the weekend of September 17-18, 2011, from 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day on the grounds of the historic Navy base. We had such an incredible response from local plein air painting clubs--more than fifty artists have responded so far--we decided on a two-day event.

I also thought we would get the most publicity that way: the museum is open Saturdays, so the painters will be introduced to the museum that day.  And Sundays are the highest viewing days of the week for TV news--so if we can get on the news that day it would be great. Thus, I figured,  a two-day event would benefit us all.

I have realized lately, that we need to get the outdoor artists out to paint landscapes on the old Navy base ASAP, as the contractors are removing the skin from Hangar One at quite a pace. The photo above is how the hangar looked this weekend.

Here is what the hangar looked like just a month ago.

Hangar One was designed for the old airship, the USS Macon, which first sailed into Moffett Field in 1933.

The U.S.S. Macon heading into its cathedral-like Hangar One at Naval Air Station Moffett in the 1930s.

One of my friends from Los Altos High wrote me today that Hangar One was like the pyramids to him: he felt amidst all the development around him, it would always be there. A quirky reminder of the area's futuristic tradition.

One of the painters--I think she's from Benicia across the Bay--sent me this stunning photo of Hangar One which captures the landmark with an artist's eye.

Photo courtesy of Sue Wilson.

We don't know the future of Hangar One--that's in the hands of NASA, the new landlord at Moffett. And we may not be great in America at preserving our landmarks, But, our artists can do it in their work. That's why I'm so pleased the the Moffett Field Historical Society and Museum is hosting the Great Moffett Paint Out.  You never know what a little paint and canvas can accomplish. 

The U.S.S. Macon over Moffett Field, adjacent to San Francisco Bay, California in the 1930s.

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linda said...

i'm glad artists are getting a chance to make paintings of the grand ole hangar, in case it really is demolished.

Robin Chapman said...

I hope we will have an exhibit and sale, with at least one of the paintings going to the museum.

Sandra Smith-Dugan said...

I will be there painting and look forward to the opportunity! I used to work at ARC as part of the Neurolab STS-90 team, as well as other space shuttle missions. This will be a great painting experience!

Robin Chapman said...

Excellent! We have confirmed more than twenty artists so far, so we look forward to seeing you all.

Janice L-H said...

I'll be there on Saturday!

Janice L-H said...

I'll be there on the Saturday!