Saturday, July 16, 2011

Robin Recommends Aristeia Needlepoint LA

Aristeia Needlepoint on the border of Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

I was on San Vincente Boulevard, just cruising along toward a friend's home in Santa Monica, when my eyeballs were irresistibly drawn to the lovely sign identifying Aristeia Needlepoint. It is right at San Vincente and 26th in the cozy little complex called The Brentwood Country Store.

My car couldn't help itself. It just turned onto 26th and took me there. Parking is free with a validation at the store.  This is the closest thing to heaven you can find in Los Angeles.

The store is lovely inside with a huge selection of canvases.  Like every good needlepoint store the world over the owner welcomed me and introduced herself.  Her name is Wendy Harwood and she didn't hover--she made me feel that I could make myself feel at home--and, being a needlepointer, I did just that.

As in every good needlepoint store, there was a group of local stitchers working at a table, chatting away. And there was a trunk show going on too.  Great place.

I absolutely forbade myself to buy a canvas.  I'm working on a rug, for heaven's sake--the biggest project I've ever undertaken and I'm doing the background as we speak.

The rug I'm working on, after I finished all the flowers on it: ready for the background.

Starting the background. 

I also have the William Morris Yard Bunny Needlepoint to finish and turn into a pillow for my couch.

So I just ogled--a fun task at a needlepoint store.  And my conscience went back to that rug.  Get to work on it Robin.  Get to work on it Robin. Get to work on it Robin, it said to me.

So when I got home: I got to work on it.  Now, it is not just about finishing the rug!  I want to be able to buy something from Aristeia next time I'm in Los Angeles. (That's needlepointer logic.)

Oh, and for you men who think career women (me, for example) never do girlie things like, for example, ironing (ha! do that!) and needlepoint--think again.  Needlepoint has always been far better for me after a stressful day than some of the chemical alternatives. And, you end up with something nice for your digs when you've calmed yourself down.

 Peony detail on the rug that is my latest project.


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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Stitch faster, Robin. We want you to be able to buy yourself something fabulous at Aristeia.

For inspiration, check out the photo albums on their Facebook page.

You have no idea how jealous I am that you have been there!

Robin Chapman said...

I believe there is a song named after Aristeia: [They] Are Temptation!

Laura said...

I know the exactly where the Brentwood Country Market is ... I used to shop at Cath Kidston until they closed down (boo!).

I'll be there next Friday for a dr. appointment ... maybe I'll stop in and take a look. Thanks for the heads-up!

peretzklein said...

You not do girlie things? I know better then that. I miss some of my old haunts; the Santa Monica Pier, The Bhodi Tree bookstore on Melrose, even Hollywood Blvd. That hotel on Hollywood and Highland where I ran into Richard Dreyfus once (forgot the name of the place). Good times.

Robin Chapman said...

Santa Monica is still lovely. Unfortunately there are just too many people/cars/houses everywhere. That's just my humble opinion ...

peretzklein said...

By the way, when is your sister coming to snap a photo of you on the Royal Red chair? Make it look regal.