Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life Imitates Art

The Yard Bunny amidst the shrubs.

When I looked out this morning from my kitchen window, I saw the Yard Bunny feasting on my lawn. I truly did not mind. After the mess the skunk and opossum made digging up the lawn, a little munching by the yard bunny was nothing to complain about.

I grabbed my iPhone and snapped a few pictures. And when I downloaded the shots, something struck me. The Yard Bunny, camouflaged by a sea of shrubs in a heather color similar to the Yard Bunny's coat, reminded me of a famous drawing by Arts and Crafts designer William Morris.

Englishwoman Beth Russell has turned it into a needlepoint design and that is where I had seen it.

As a long time needlepointer, I have needlepoint cats, a needlepoint pig and piglets, and I even have a needlepoint snail. Looks like we need a needlepoint Yard Bunny around this house, to round out the decor. My friend Lisa says my lucky rabbit may have returned now that the other, more violent critters (Mr. Skunk and Mr. Possum) have departed.

Thus, I have several new things to be thankful for. I can get started on a new needlepoint project--The Arts and Crafts Yard Bunny hiding in shrubbery while dining al fresco at Fort Chapman. And, sigh, peace has once again been restored to the garden.

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Karen from Mentor said...

When I first had a garden and only a few plants I felt like I was channeling Elmer Fudd a lot. I resented the chipmunks and rabbits eating my hard won blossoms. But after a while I had enough for every rabbit in the county to eat his fill and there were still enough blossoms and herbs left over for me. That was the year I retired my funny hat with the ear flaps.

Loved the photo.

Robin Chapman said...

I don't mind feeding the animals in my garden. I just don't want them to leave too big a mess. The Yard Bunny is the least trouble of all the critters so far. I was thinking of planting some lettuce to help him out.

Anonymous said...

he'd make a mighty fine stew!!!

Robin Chapman said...

If he goes missing, I'll come looking for him in your kitchen!