Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Boomer Goes Nano! Holy Cow!

To the left of my coffee cup there on the table, is the box my iPod came in. Yikes!

It all started when I mentioned to my niece at Thanksgiving that I was hoping she would get me an iPod for Christmas--with a speaker to play it on. I gave away my CD player when I moved to California and then, the last time I gave a party, I noticed I had nothing on which to play music.

Besides, I love my iPhone and, as my niece put it, it was now time to experience "iPhun on an iPod." In other words: time to bring Aunt Robin into the 21st century.

When you are old enough to remember playing vinyl 45s on your record player (with the clown on it), the world seems to be changing very fast. I'm determined to stay (somewhat) abreast of the changes. I was hoping to get one of those little white things the size of a cell phone, with the earbuds, I see all the girls wearing at the gym, so I could wear one too and feel as cool as they look.

Instead, this tiny little thing arrived in a tiny little plastic box. It was so intimidating, it took me several days to work up the nerve to accept the challenge of opening the box and reading the directions. When I did so, I discovered a little music device slightly larger than a postage stamp.

My hand, my iPod Nano, and, a Christmas stamp.

The device was so small and came in such a small box, the printing on the instructions had to be very small to fit inside. Fortunately, the directions weren't complicated. I know this because I read them carefully--after I got out a magnifying glass and a flashlight so I could do so. (Don't laugh: it will happen to you too, one day!)

But, like all the Apple devices I have used so far, it is an absolute delight. My family went together to buy me the iPod and also bought me a speaker for it and now the whole thing is all set up.

I found an old CD a neighbor of mine in Florida made several years ago, filled with Christmas music, and I downloaded it onto the iPod Nano and I'm listening to it now. Yesterday, I downloaded Luciano Pavarotti singing on a disk called "O Holy Night." But it was so moving it made me cry, so I will wait a spell before I play that again. At this bittersweet holiday, I'm trying to live with my grief--not wallow in it. What a moving thing, is music.

Wouldn't my engineer father be astonished to see music coming out of a postage stamp! Next thing you know, someone will use this nano technology to help people overcome profound deafness--something that devastated my father in the last decade of his life. Maybe Steve Jobs--with all his gifts--can work on something like that in his spare time.

There is already a watch band you can get for this iPod Nano, so you can carry it around without losing it in your pocket. Meanwhile, if the iPod gets any more Nano, I guess you'll have to wear it on your earlobe like an earring and let the sound come out of the top of your head.

But they will have to start putting it in a larger box. Because if they don't: no one, over the age of 30, will be able to read the fine print.

Fortunately; all you really have to do is plug the thing into your computer and you are on your way. Directions? What directions?

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Skywolf said...

I am glad that you like your iPod. Winston Churchill seems to be quite fascinated by the Nano’s dimensions as well. It is indeed amazing. But my question is this: Why is there no coaster under your coffee cup sitting on that beautiful antique table? Because it's a 'coffee' table? ;-) Have a Happy New Year, Robin.

Robin Chapman said...

Ever since you sold your sports car, "Sky Wolf", you've had nothing better to do than idle away your time in wanton coaster checking and furniture appraising. Its a darn shame, it really is. After all we've spent on your training! Happy New Year back at you!

Skywolf said...