Thursday, September 23, 2010

Four Poster Bedroom Takes on New Hue

We've only finished the first coat, and the closet doors haven't been painted yet, but it appears Behr Paint's "French Castle" is going to be a tidy neutral background for the fabrics, art, and furniture I plan to add to the sunny room.

Living as I do, with a used furniture and knickknack store in my garage, I won't have to do any shopping to accessorize the Four Poster room, which faces east and gets soft light all day through the pink leaves of the Japanese maple outside its window.

Just using a piece of my favorite raspberry check with the stone-colored background gives you an idea about how reds and pinks and purples work well with this new paint and the freshly rehabilitated red oak floor.

My feeling is that painting and papering in a house, are so disruptive to one's life, one should try to do them as infrequently as possible. You don't have to move out of the room, for example, just to change the drapes or the rugs.

So that's where we are: waiting for the painter to finish up in the next couple of days so we can scrounge around the Echo Drive On Site Antique Mall for the decor necessary to turn the empty room into a cozy nest.

My mother chose to do the opposite of what I'm doing and that is a perfectly good philosophy too: she used a bold, bright paper on the walls, and made everything else in the room quiet and neutral.
My niece as a child in the Four Poster room with the old, bold look

I'm going neutral on the walls so that I can bring bright colors into the room through fabric, rugs, and art and textiles. I confess that this is the part I like best and I can't wait to get to it.

Not to mention, the houses's second bath can soon come back out of its temporary isolation.

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