Saturday, August 28, 2010

Up Next: My Dad's New Car and How It Changed My View of the Automobile Forever (Not to Mention Froze My Toes)

The 1959 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight was almost as long as our garage and is the only new car my father ever allowed himself. But he ordered it from the factory and if the car salesman is still alive who took his order, I would bet he remembers it to this day.

I love this photo because the sky is gray and white as is my father's hair, as is the car--with that dash of red on the whitewalls.

My friend Steve-the-car-guy insists I tell you the tale and how it relates to my unfulfilled dream of owning a Porsche (for starters you could put a Porsche in the trunk of the Olds, so it is bound to be easier to drive.) So shift into neutral, put on your brakes, and check this space!

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Robin Chapman said...

I'll have it posted soon.