Friday, April 30, 2010

Name That Pup: or You Can Love Again

Mickey's new yellow Labrador. But he has no name.

We have a new and very cute no-name Labrador in the neighborhood and it is your job to help this poor pup get himself a handle. To explain my connection:

Over the years in my family's neighborhood, there was a dog called Sunny. She lived across the street from us, and when her owner was ill with cancer, my father volunteered to take the young, gentle, well-mannered Sunny for her walks. The two became friends. Sunny's owner passed away a decade ago, but the owner's son, Mickey, inherited the house and his father's dog, and the friendship between my Dad and Sunny continued.

My father and his friend Sunny the dog, about 1998.

Sunny lived to be thirteen years old or thereabouts (her age wasn't known exactly when she was acquired) and, in fact, she lived long enough to attend my father's 90th birthday party. She died a week before my father did. Having lived almost a decade-and-a-half, she was about 90 years old (in dog years) herself.

At right, Sunny at my father's 90th birthday party, December 2009. You can see that poor old Sunny's body is riddled with tumors.

Sunny went everywhere with her owner Mickey, who has a landscaping business, and when she died he was so struck with grief he just went inside his house for a few days and didn't come out.

I wondered when a new dog would show up in his life to cheer him. And yesterday, I saw a little yellow lab appear on Mickey's front lawn.

Now I've met the little scamp I have learned from Mickey that this young fellow has no name. Any form of Sunny is out, as to Mickey and his wife Donna, Sunny cannot be replaced. But love is not a zero sum game and that's why they can now make room for the No-Name Pup.

I thought perhaps all of you out there might be able to come up with something, and my neighbor said it was okay for me to ask my readers for help. Otherwise he is threatening to call the dog Norbert, and, not being a Harry Potter fan I don't even get that.

Can you help? The puppy still needs some education in housetraining and a name might come in handy for Donna and Mickey, as they work to help him earn that diploma.

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Laura said...

Our yellow lab is Chloe. A friends' yellow lab is Sands. This little guy looks like a Biscuit to me.

Steve said...

Here are a few names to consider.
Zephyr- Greek origin meaning west wind
Oliver-our guitarist's first name
Dylan- for Bob Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan
Bentley- cause it has a regal ring to it.
Arthur- from the 1981 movie w/Dudley Moore

Devon C. said...

The kid Cole crew came up with Old Yeller. Although the dog is not old (yet) it's a good classic dog name.

Robin Chapman said...

These are all really great! Since the family name involved is Potts, I suggested Clay. But I think your names are all better. Keep 'em coming.

Jack said...

One vote for Marley. Chaotic but fun namesake. Ready-made 'home movie' when out of town. I don't think Owen & Jen own the name, but you might call to be sure.

Robin Chapman said...

Yesterday Donna said they were leaning toward Toby. That has a good ring to it.

Laura said...

I saw a cute lab puppy at the dog park yesterday named "Tanner". : )

Devon C. said...

There was a black dog in the neighborhood named Toby that Pa took care of too on occasion.

Robin Chapman said...

And somebody who is Annonymous keeps suggesting the name "Barak." This might fit as the little pup Baraks a lot.

Jon said...

I'm waaaay too late for naming, however...

A friend had a sweet dog like the puppy. The great name was 'Butter-Pup'.

I have a city dog that acts like a farm dog, so she is named 'Tater'.