Saturday, December 12, 2009

Faye Ellyn Latta Chapman: May 18, 1921-December 11, 2009

Faye and Ashley with the Thunderbird in the 1970s.

Ashley holding Faye's hand on the night she died. We don't know if he understands that she is gone.

This rainbow appeared this afternoon in the hills above the nursing home where my mother died last night.

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Laura said...

Oh, Robin, I am so sorry. This must have been such a shock to lose her before losing your dad. My grandfather died Christmas Eve 1984, so I know how difficult it is to deal with this during the holidays.

God bless you and your dad.

Robin Chapman said...

The whole thing is so overwhelming and happened so quickly. We are still in shock, but we also feel she was so unhappy with Dad's illness and his inability to live at home with her anymore, that she just wanted to move on. She was a very efficient person and when she wanted to do something, nothing would stop her.

nflisram said...

Robin, I would like to thank you and the family for your mom and dad's devotion to the church. Your dad, personally, called me aside, while I was a visitor at Peace WELS church and told me to become a member of Peace, at once. He also directed me to become a helper in the church by ushering.Ashley was the head usher. My wife, Frances, and I got to fly w/ your dad out of Moffett Field in Sunnyvale in a rented Cessna 182. We flew over to Livermore and bsck.Being a flight instructor, my self,I was impressed with Ashley's excellent detail and prefight planning for our flight. My wife,Frances,who was a licensed pilot as well ,remarked that she felt your dad did a great job for our flight. Faye got me to help out by watering the plants around the church as well. We felt that your family was part of our religious family as well. You have a great blogweb site. We look for the obituary to appear ob it as well. God bless,Norm and Frances Flisram