Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Screenwriter Latshaw

And Congrats to My Successful Movie Friends

Steve, looking like the big bear he is, and his friend RC.

Screenwriter Steve Latshaw marked his 50th birthday last night at a party in Sierra Madre, and a whole cadre of his friends, who had all made zero budget movies together with him back in the day, collected around this wonderful man to celebrate.

I knew them when I was an anchorwoman in Florida and liked them all because, like me, they loved the movies. However, since I was on my own functioning career track, I thought they were all crazy to imagine they could move to Hollywood and find careers in the movie/television/entertainment biz.

At right, Robin in her Florida anchorwoman decade. It was at WESH that she met all the characters surrounding the chairman of characterville, Steve Latshaw.

And boy did they prove me wrong. All of them, to a man and a woman, have found successful niches doing what they dreamed of doing: art directing (shows like "Scrubs" and "Mad TV") scriptwriting (shows like "Tonight" and "Monk"), cinematography (one is working on a new show called "Cougar Town" with Courtney Cox) and finally Steve, who has a long list of credits for writing and directing movies.

I was wowed by them all and proud as well. They are all still the funny, nutty, big-hearted, people I loved then and the reunion was a blast.
RC and BT at Steve's party. May he live long and prosper.

Beth, one of the group's most talented writers, is still a beauty and has a home full of art. She hosted the party with her writer husband Steve, and they did it with class and style and warmth in the little town of Sierra Madre where Beth truly is its treasure. (Look for her script on the October 30th episode of "Monk".)
Steve was quiet all evening. I think he was still stunned and surprised to find so many of us really cared about him. He is so self-deprecating I sometimes wonder how he has managed to do so much.

I don't want to say a lot of adult beverages were consumed. But my old friend Bentley, who took the picture at the top of this blog post, also snapped the one at the end. And it is the one I will leave you with. Happy Birthday screenwriter and all around good American gentleman Steve Latshaw, and cheers to his gang, a truly fabulous group of talented friends.

Amateur photographer BT took this picture and I don't want to say he was partying too hard ... let's just say it was dark and my little camera was new to him. The other pictures came out just great BT, you handsome devil.

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