Friday, September 18, 2009

News Nose is Itching: My Prediction for the Week

Thursday, September 12, Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, made an unannounced visit to Moscow for a meeting on a unknown subject with unknown officials in the former Soviet Union. It didn't turn out to be a secret trip, since it has been in all the papers, but it wasn't on his schedule, he was gone for twelve hours and no one is commenting on exactly what he did. But before Israel takes any military steps to eliminate a nuclear threat in Iran it would need assurances from Russia (one of Iran's chief suppliers) that it would take no retaliatory steps. If Netanyahu didn't take a suitcase full of money with him to Russia, I would be really surprised. What do you think he was doing there?

Netanyahu's Secret Russian Visit

Friday, September 11, the United States and its European allies agreed to begin talks with Iran about its nuclear program. There is no agenda for these talks, nor any start date. But, agreement to talks like this provides the West with cover. No one will be able to say we didn't at least make an attempt to talk with Iran about its nuclear weapons program before we--or our allies in Israel--take extraordinary steps to eliminate the threat.

U.S. Agrees to Talks with Iran and North Korea

Thursday, September 17, the United States announces plans to scrap a missile shield in Eastern Europe and concentrate instead on protecting the Middle East from the short-range missiles that might come from Iran. This news item holds two clues to the future: the first is that it throws a bone to the Russians, since they haven't wanted the missile shield technology deployed in their backyard. And secondly it allows the U.S. to make clear it is deploying its anti-missile devices elsewhere, where they might be more useful, i.e. to protect Israel.

U.S. to Shelve Nuclear Missile Shield in Poland

Friday, September 18, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tells NBC News reporter Ann Curry that Iran would not explicitly rule out development of nuclear weapons and that he would "never halt Tehran’s work on peaceful nuclear programs to mollify Western skeptics."

Iran's President Won't Rule out Nukes

You can add up all the unknowns in this equation for yourself. Ahmadinejad is reading the same tea leaves I am, but I believe he underestimates America and its allies' resolve, which always comes to the fore when dangerous bullies begin to make megalomaniacal threats. It is my belief that all these signs we're seeing point to an action very soon that will be forthcoming out of Israel and that will not be protested by either the U.S. or Russia. I suspect the action will make Iran's president sorry he was ever born. If he has time to have a thought like that before he is gone.

I have no inside knowledge. My news nose is just itching, and it appears to me something very serious is imminent. We won't know until it happens. I don't have the data the intelligence authorities have so I don't even know what should be done. I'm just telling you what I think will be done. I pray that whatever happens it will be quick and clean and will not cause damage anywhere except where such damage will do the most good. And that when it is over, I hope the world will be a safer place. At least until the next bully comes along.

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