Thursday, May 7, 2009


Okay, that's great, but Tai Chi and what else?

California vanity plates are starting to impact my driving: I hope I don't smash into another vehicle as I scan the horizon trying to read the cryptic vanitytexting zooming by me on the roads of Silicon Valley.

Nurses must feel underappreciated, as I've spotted at least half-a-dozen vanity plates in as many days advertising their skills. I've seen "RN QD" and if a nurse cutie doesn't strike your fancy I've also seen "GR8 RN" and "ULTRA RN" on car plates. And then, I saw "JD RN" and I wondered if that was the nurse's initials: or did she catch a terrible fever one day and marry a lawyer?

Drivers of the Toyota hybrid Prius can be especially creative on their vanity plates. I've seen "KAR POOL," "JOY HYBD," and this one I spotted at the YMCA this evening:

I'm guessing that refers to fuel consumption, but it is also possible the owner uses the vehicle for trips to Weight Watchers.

On a sporty Mercedes SLK 230 the plates read "CRZ4SUN." That driver's genetic opposite across town had plates that announced "SNO4ME." Fortunately, you can have both at the same time in California, but you have to take a spin up to Tahoe.

I had to laugh when I saw a bright blue VW Beetle with a plate that read "DE JA BLZ," and I craned my neck an hour later to catch another creative writer who had "C8S CAR" on her plate. Nice work, Kate. That plate can be moved to the Porsche you get for Christmas when you meet "MR1DRFUL."

Finally, my favorite plate of the month. A yellow and black Mini Cooper.

Looks like an OBGYN who has acquired for him/her self a cute little Mini. And then I noticed where the car was parked ...

... right in the yellow zone, adjacent to our local hospital. It appeared Dr. BMBL OB must have had an emergency delivery to make. And yet, as I drove away, I had to ask myself, would you really want to have your baby delivered by Dr. BMBL?

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