Monday, October 20, 2008

Stay Tuned: Coronation at Eleven

Talk about piling on. Talk about everybody getting on the Obama bandwagon. Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down. What a bad weekend for John McCain and what a good weekend for Barak Obama.

It must be time for us to elect Barak Obama by unanimous consent and have the coronation, I mean the inauguration, right away. Why? Well, here’s a partial list:

Colin Powell, Republican veteran of the Reagan administration and two Bush administrations endorsed Barak Obama on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this Sunday. Don’t let it worry you that last year he donated the maximum to John McCain’s campaign and was mentioned as a possible running mate. And don’t let it worry you that he waited until it appeared that Barak Obama was a sure thing before he placed his bet on the winning number. And don’t say that as another African-American who has been talked about as a possible candidate for President he’s hoping for a job in the upcoming Obama administration. Nah. That would just be cynical.

Also this weekend, the New York Times, once a great newspaper, used the front page of its Sunday edition for a highly critical piece about—John McCain’s economic programs? No. About John McCain’s wife Cindy. The Times reporter made it very clear that Cindy McCain has tacky taste (she has wallpaper in one bathroom with elephants on it! Eh gad!), aspires to be like Princess Diana (seeking out Diana’s land mine organization and doing volunteer work for it) and isn’t nearly as nice as McCain’s first wife Carol who waited for him while he was a prisoner of war, was injured in a car accident but didn’t want to worry him with the details, worked in the Reagan White House, and was then dumped when McCain decided to marry a younger, wealthier babe. (This is, of course, the first time this has ever happened.)

There’s still more: Central Florida is a heavily Republican area of this important swing state and this Sunday the Orlando Sentinel endorsed—hold your breath here—Barak Obama for President.

And more: two former Pentagon officials, one a former Secretary of the Navy, endorsed Barak Obama this morning in a nationally syndicated letter to American newspapers.

Oh, and did I mention that William F. Buckley's son--WFB being the founder of National Review, the Conservative magazine of record--Christopher Buckley has now endorsed Obama too?

I could go on but I think you get the picture. Barak Obama has had a lot of good luck on his side. He has been running against a Republican at a time the incumbent Republican President could hardly be less popular. He’s running against a man who would make a great military leader while we’re engaged in two wars and then, suddenly, those wars have faded in importance as our troubled economy becomes the nation’s first priority. He’s also had the mainstream media on his side—see the New York Times any day of the week for its glowing articles or watch NBC, CBS, or ABC news.

Barak Obama has had an additional advantage that hasn’t been mentioned as far as I know. He’s running at a time when no one in America wants to question his credentials for fear of being called a racist. If you don’t support his candidacy, there are those who will believe that in your heart of hearts that is just what you are. Who wants to be painted with that brush? It is the implied question, the raised eyebrow, from every Obama supporter to the few remaining supporters of John McCain.

So let’s just get the darn thing over with. Why bother with this election thing and the Electoral College thing (that nobody outside the United States understands, anyway). Let’s just give the guy the number one job on planet Earth and let’s hope he’s up to the job.

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Bob Liddle said...

What about the kind of judges each of these candidates would appoint? I dont know anything about this from either candidate. Can you shed any light on this?