Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Candidate John McCain Makes Another Surprise Move: Will the Debate Go Forward on Friday?

I wonder if Barak Obama will wake up one morning and wish he had attended Annapolis or one of the other service academies. John McCain may have graduated near the bottom of his class, but it appears he absorbed quite a bit of intelligent strategy between accumulating his demerits at the Naval Academy ...

When John McCain chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate he took everyone by surprise. His action created a new political star and caused a dramatic change in the discussion surrounding which team would best govern this country. It was exactly what McCain intended. He was running against an opponent who represented a "first." McCain's unorthodox choice produced another first and made Obama's vice presidential choice look dull and predictable.

Now, as McCain suspends his campaign and returns to Washington to get back to his first job as a U.S. Senator and be part of the negotiations on the big congressional economic bailout bill, he appears to once again have taken his less experienced opponent by surprise. A startled Obama said this afternoon at his press conference that he planned to attend the debate. At 5:10 EST the Presidential Debate Commission said the debate would go ahead as scheduled. So what will happen? Will Obama show up and face a McCain surrogate? How about Barak Obama facing Sarah Palin? Now there’s an idea that has to have come from the mind of one of the Naval Academies smartest and most notorious pranksters!

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