Monday, October 31, 2022

New Edition of Sara Winchester Biography by Mary Joe Ignoffo

The house Sarah Winchester built before her death in 1922 is certainly a remarkable one. Most of her real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area sold quickly after she died. This house did not and within a very short time became a very successful tourist attraction. 

The stories that circulated about rifle heiress Sarah Winchester in Santa Clara county seem to have been the result of her reclusiveness. She lived in an age when newspaper reporters--given little real information--would just make up things in order to sell newspapers. Imagine that. 

Author Mary Jo Ignoffo of San Jose has drafted the definitive biography of this diminutive author with the out-sized impact. For the 100th anniversary of Mrs. Winchester's death and the upcoming centenary of the house as a tourist attraction, Ms Ignoffo has updated and expanded and revised this fascinating book. Lots of interesting information in this book to keep you reading. Highly recommended.

I met Mary Jo Ignoffo when I used "Captive of the Labyrinth" four years ago in drafting a profile of Mrs. Winchester for my book "Historic Bay Area Visionaries." Reading the updated version I found lots of new information and photos. Click the link for my piece about the book in the Los Altos Town Crier.

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